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Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies

The IRPS serves the electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and water industries and the regulatory community.

Research Spotlight

Faculty associated with the Institute conduct research on a variety of issues in the areas of electricity, natural gas and telecommunications.

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  • Keys: Unlocking the Doors to Regulatory Policy Progress

    This is a series of podcast interviews of industry professionals on the history of regulatory policy in Illinois. Current podcasts include Tom Wolf, Anthony Star, Sherman Elliott, Jackie Voiles, Richard Mathias, Jim Monk, Marty Cohen, David Kolata, Phil O'Connor, Hon. Doug Scott and Karl Wardin. More will be added as they are complete, be sure to check back often. Click on the Podcast tab at the top of the page to navigate to these interviews.

  • A Comparison of Bilateral Trading and the Uniform Clearing Price Reverse Auction: Lessons from Illinois' Electricity Procurement Processes

    by Adrienne Ohler and Julius Kimutai Cheruiyot

    An examination of measures of market power, wholesale rates, and retail prices provides evidence that one procurement method is not necessarily more competitive than the other. The design of the procurement process, economic conditions, and other electricity policies such as rate caps, retail switching and financial swaps can contribute to the competitiveness in the wholesale market as well as retail prices.

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    • Dr. Adrienne Ohler

      was an Associate Professor of Economics at Illinois State University in Normal and is currently an Associate Extension Professor at the University of Missouri. Her research examines the interaction between natural resource use, environmental degradation, and public policy, in Illinois specifically and the U.S. at large. Her research analyzes the impact of policies designed to encourage the growth of wind, solar, and biomass industries, such as renewable energy portfolios.

    • Julius Kimutai Cheruiyot

      is a recent graduate of Illinois State University with an M.S. in Applied Economics in Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecommunication Economics. He received his B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi in 2007. Currently, he is a Regulatory Analyst at ITC Holdings Corp.