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Spring 2016 Conference
March 17th, 2016

 "The Past, Present, and Future of Utility Regulation”

The conference will focus on three issues concerning (1) a brief history of utility regulation from former regulators, (2) current industry challenges for the major utilities, and (3) the targets, requirements, and approaches to the Clean Power Plan.

Session 1 is a Q&A format with former public utility commissioners discussing what they learned from their time as a regulator, surprising outcomes from policy decisions, and wisdom moving forward.   

Session 2 reviews current industry challenges for the major utilities, including decreasing consumption, long run policy goals, and transitioning market structures.  

Session 3 will assess Illinois’ targets and requirements for the CPP, examine the Illinois EPA’s process for developing a plan to meet these targets, and discuss different policy mechanisms other states are utilizing to meet their requirements.  

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Speakers and Presentations

Benjamin Aron, Director, State Regulatory & External Affairs, CTIA

Melissa Schwarzell, Director – Investor Relations, American Water

Steven Wills, Director of Rates & Analysis, Ameren Illinois

Kari Bennett, Sr. Director Program Strategy, MISO

Jim Ross, Manager, Division of Air Pollution Control, IL EPA

Gary Helm, Lead Market Strategist, Emerging Markets , PJM Interconnection





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