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Fall 2016 Conference
Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Registration is now open:

 "The Environmentally Concerned, Budget Conscious, Technically Savvy Public Utility”

The conference will focus on issues concerning (1) AMI metering and the differences between gas & electric companies, (2) current industry challenges for the major utilities and its customers, and (3) the water industry and contaminants in source water.

Session 1 examines the impact of electricity AMI rollouts, benefits to consumers, and lessons learned.  The session will also compare and contrast gas and electricity AMI meters, functionality, and benefits.   

Session 2 reviews current industry challenges for the major utilities, including decreasing consumption, long run policy goals, and transitioning market structures.  

Session 3 will assess Illinois’ aging water infrastructure and the potential for lead contaminations.  Additionally, the session will examine the efforts to reduce nitrates and agricultural contaminants in source water.  


 Please check back for the agenda and list of speakers...




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